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GitHub Package Registry

Your packages,
at home with their code

With GitHub Package Registry you can safely publish and consume packages within your organization or with the entire world.

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$ docker login --username phanatic
Logged in successfully

$ docker tag app

$ docker push
1.0.0: digest: sha256:631cb8...fc822c size: 1373
$ mvn deploy -Dregistry= -Dtoken=$GH_TOKEN
Uploaded: (2 KB at 1.0 KB/sec)
$ nuget source Add -Name "GitHub" -Source "" -UserName phanatic
$ nuget pack
$ nuget push "" -Source "GitHub"
Your package was pushed
$ echo ":github: Bearer ${GH_TOKEN}" >> ~/.gem/credentials
$ gem build github_api.gemspec
$ gem push --key github --host github_api-1.0.0.gem
Successfully registered gem: github_api (1.0.0)
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Publish privately for
your team, or publicly for the
open source community

Discover and publish public and private packages in one place. Then seamlessly use and reuse any package as a dependency in a project by downloading it straight from GitHub.

Use the same secure login
for your code and packages

Store your packages in the same secure environment as your source code, all protected by your GitHub credentials.

Discover public and private
packages, all in one place

Explore and reuse your organization’s private packages alongside public packages in GitHub.

Get fast and reliable
downloads via a global CDN

GitHub Package Registry is built with the latest edge caching via a global CDN to deliver great performance, no matter where your builds run.

Integrate with your workflows

With a full API and webhooks support, you can extend your workflows to work with GitHub Package Registry.

Manage permissions in one place

Packages in GitHub inherit the permissions of the repository, and you no longer need to manage third party solutions and sync team permissions across systems.

Learn details from package insights

Packages hosted on GitHub include all the information you need—package contents, download statistics, version history, and more.

What our customers are saying

Yarn logo
“As a Yarn maintainer I’m excited to see GitHub offer a new package registry solution, and I’m looking forward to leverage its capabilities in our future releases.”

Ma?l Nison

Yarn maintainer

Providence Health & Services logo
“GitHub Package Registry has allowed us to spend more time solving hard problems, and improving patient care. Since it uses the same permissions and security as the rest of GitHub, we spend less time managing multiple accounts, ACLs, and on-premise infrastructure, which leaves us with more time to code what matters!”

Start publishing your
packages to GitHub

Sign up for the beta waitlist, and be one of the first to use GitHub Package Registry. Want to get a head start? Check out the documentation.

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What does it cost?

GitHub Package Registry is free for all repositories during the beta. And it will always be free for public and open source repositories.

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