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Coveralls Deliver Better Code

We help you deliver code confidently by showing which parts of your code aren’t covered by your test suite.

Eliminate Tech Debt

Maintaining a well-tested codebase is mission-critical, but figuring out where your tests are lacking can be painful. You're already running your tests on a continuous integration server, let it do the heavy lifting. Coveralls works with your CI to sift through coverage data to find gaps you didn't know you had.

Badge your repo

Display your coverage percentage like a badge of honor with our — well — Badges of Honor. Encourage others to join the movement for code coverage!

Increase team awareness

Coveralls believes that developers should always strive to write better code. We've created the leading code coverage SaaS to help software developers get analysis and historical data about their projects' test coverage, see constant updates in pull requests where devs are working, and fine-grained line-by-line coverage data.

Automated testing has become a foundational element part of software development, and Coveralls lets developers show off the hard work put into building a comprehensive testing suite.

Join the community

Coveralls is used by companies and organizations such as Facebook, JQuery, Hulu, Viacom, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Mozilla, Twitter, Django, Docker, the FCC, Heroku, PMG, Mashable, and many more.

Repository coverage detail page with build and commit details
See all repos' coverage history at a glance
See relevant line coverage history, and file by file details to see how a new build has affected your project
View line by line coverage reports that give you granular details on how your code has changed
See how new code branches are affecting your overall coverage levels

Pricing and setup

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Coveralls Solo

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$5 / month
$54 / year

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Coveralls is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.

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